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Oak wood Furniture – The Four Types of Oak Furniture Made Easy

When oak wood furniture is mentioned, many people’s first thoughts may be of oak flooring. While oak beams can look beautiful, oak wood is not just a byproduct of oak trees. An oak tree is actually a shrub or tree in the family Fagaceae, also known as the beech family. There are about 500 surviving species of oak trees worldwide. The common name “ash” refers to several species, including the popular Piedmont oak tree, Bracken oak, or Palmetto oak tree.

Green Oak Beams has a wide variety of characteristics that make it desirable for furniture making. Oak wood is strong and rigid, and it is able to absorb shock from everyday use. This is why it is often used in doors, bedroom furniture, counter tops, chairs, and cabinets. Another characteristic of oak wood is its high grain, which makes it ideal for creating quilt designs. Oak wood grain is especially apparent when it is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Oak flooring and oak cladding made with real oak wood

While oak cladding is known for its strength and durability, it is still possible to create pieces of furniture that are lightweight and not very strong. This is why pieces of oak furniture are often called “peasants” because they are designed to be more lightweight than traditional furniture. For example, an antique door that is eight inches thick is much lighter than contemporary furniture made from mahogany or walnut. In fact, you can even use pieces of oak wood for stools, which can easily be moved from place to place on your patio, terrace, or deck.

You might wonder why oak wood is used for table legs, especially if you’re trying to conserve the environment. The main reason is that oak furniture is easier to recycle when compared to pine or cedar. Unlike pine, oak wood does not have to be processed before it can be recycled. Once it is cut into planks, it can be turned into veneers, which can be used as insulation material, or even used to build a fence.

Oak flooring with solid oak wood

Oak wood is a soft wood perfect for oak flooring, so it does not require a lot of maintenance. Unlike other types of hardwood, oak wood is resistant to cracking, or splitting. If treated properly, oak wood furniture pieces will remain attractive, even over time. Some people prefer to buy furniture that is already built, but there are some good choices when it comes to building your own furniture. A good option is reclaimed oak wood, which has a very pleasant, rustic flavor and can be left unfinished.

While you will pay more money for oak wood furniture pieces, this is because it is rarer than most other kinds of wood. If you want an oak piece with a high gloss finish, you may want to look for dark stains. However, do not be afraid to go with light colors, which provide just as much of a rustic look. Many furniture pieces in your home will benefit from the use of oak wood, including:

White Oak – This is one of the best kinds of reclaimed oak beams for outdoor furniture. While it is lighter than most kinds of wood, white oak wood provides a warm natural glow to the furniture. It is durable and resistant to warping, so it is perfect for outdoor use. If you want a lighter colored wood that can also be painted, then white oak wood is a good choice. It is a popular choice in many homes.

Ebony – This is an extremely durable wood that can be found on beaches. It has unique grain patterns that make it so unique. Its color palette is even more interesting, featuring shades of brown and black. It is very common in Indonesia, and other parts of Asia. This oak wood is known for its strength and durability, and its availability makes it very easy to find this style of oak furniture made. There is some negative staining that can occur if the wood is not properly sealed, but it is minor and easy to correct.